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The Benefits of SEO You Cannot Afford to Miss

Search Engine Organization (SEO) is a very essential part in today’s marketing strategy as it will help you optimize your content. SEO also determines the ranking of your site, the traffic inflow, retention, and other vital outputs. That is why many brands and companies have tried numerous efforts to run a successful SEO campaign. What’s more, SEO also contains many benefits for a website that you cannot afford to ignore. What are the benefits of SEO you need to know? The following inbound marketing tips will explain them to you.


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Benefits of SEO Number 1: Increase Traffic

Whether you have a top-performing website is determined by the amount of web visitors on daily basis. If you want to bring more visitors to your website, SEO can be served as the purpose. With the help of SEO, you can optimize relevant and informative keywords, meta descriptions, tags, and other elements to show up on the result pages and get clicked by your intended audience. Once optimized, those SEO elements will increase your click through rate and promote hikes in qualified web traffic.  


Regardless, keep in mind that SEO is not only about getting a high ranking in search engine results, but it is also about how you come up with a user-friendly website to invite more visitors. With a good web design, your visitors will stay longer to find out more about your website. The point is your visitors expect a website in which they can navigate and find easily whatever they want to find out.    


Benefits of SEO Number 2: Low Cost

SEO is known as one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies since it targets users who look actively for products and services online. SEO techniques with inbound nature help business owners save more money as opposed to outbound strategies such as cold-calling. Although cold-calling is still effective, the lead generation process is cost 61% more than leads generated by inbound. Thus, SEO in inbound is more cost effective and profitable.


Benefits of SEO Number 3: Better ROI

4% of 1000 clicks from visitors will convert into a sale with SEO’s inbound, while outbound only 2% of the same amount of clicks from paid ads. It means the ROI of SEO’s inbound is better which cannot be equaled by other marketing strategies. Today, Google leads people to the products or services they really want by the help of optimized-tags which is more valuable than click from paid ads that can be mis-click from anyone.


Benefits of SEO Number 4: Brand Promotion

When you see that your ranking is higher on search engines, it means you have left significant impressions to your audience. With this result, it means you get more exposure for your websites. That is such a great opportunity to promote your brand to your audience. Being on the first page due to targeted SEO’s keywords will help your audiences relates your brand to the said keywords as well as instill trust. They see you as reliable and trustworthy brand since you appear on the first pages of search engines.


Benefits of SEO Number 5: Site Usability

In the efforts to make your website is easier for the search engines to navigate, will also make your website is navigable for your users. The SEO process will rearrange the architectures and links of your website to become more easier to find and navigate for search engines to crawl and find pages, and helps users in finding information on your website.


Benefits of SEO Number 6: Social Media

SEO will surely boost your website to gain high ranking in search engine which in turn will give your website more social media exposure. SEO and social media has a by-directional relationship where social media popularity is a good factor for SEO purposes and SEO will give more social media visibility.


Benefits of SEO Number 7: Increase Conversion

A website which has been optimized for SEO will surely be fast, easy to use and mobile friendly. All of it for sure is the important factors to get more conversion from your website. You will be easier to get better conversion from your visitors to become customers or subscriber.


Given that benefits of SEO is advantageous for a website, it is understandable if business owners have tried numerous efforts to optimize the campaign and to maintain a successful SEO marketing strategy. Download our free infographic to learn more about how to maintain a successful SEO marketing strategy and how you can avoid scams by choosing the right SEO company. Download Free Infographic Now!





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